Sneeuberg Woolen Duvets
Sneeuberg Woolen Duvets

Sneeuberg Woolen Duvets

About Sneeuberg Woolen Duvets

Sneeuberg Woolen Duvets

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Sneeuberg Wool Duvets, our completely natural wool bedding made from the purest merino wool available in South Africa, combining safety with convenience for the most comfortable and deep sleep ever.

Our selection of all natural wool duvets offer greater warmth in winter, yet are light and cool in summer. The secret lies in the filling; pure, natural, hypoallergenic, super wool.

Our pure wool duvets are handmade in the Karoo region, South Africa.

The Sneeuberg Wool Duvet Factory is home to the Eastern Cape Town of Middelburg where it offers employment opportunities to the local community.

The Sneeuberg range of mountains is located in the heart of the Karoo, with Middleburg nestled at its feet. This arid area is home to wool producing sheep, which thrive in the sweltering heat of summer and the zero temperatures of the cold winters.

The Sneeuberg wool processing factory concentrates on producing 100% pure wool duvets, wool pillows and wool insulation.

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